Himanshu Chauhan

That's Me!
Hi there! I am Himanshu Chauhan. You are welcome to my blog.

I am a "GEEK" from India. I just love computers and have an un-ending fascination about these machines. I just love them in whatever size and shape they come. They either be network routers, general purpose computers, cute little hacking boards... whatever, I just love them.

I have the hobby of programming (and programming and when I am not doing that) - reading (technical documents, manuals, Biographies, Entrepreneurship, sci-fi novel), watching The Big Bang Theory, Mr. Robot, Silicon Valley, etc.

What am I programming? Well these days, I am hooked on to the Xvisor: The new type-1 bare metal hypervisor that I am making with my friends. I am the author and maintainer of the AMD64 or x86_64 (which ever way you prefer to call it) version. I am hacking on it mostly in my free time. I am getting my hands on Python language. This is the third language after C and assembly (I am hooked to x86 and MIPS mostly) which I find fascinating. Things that I have been doing using shell script, I try to do with Python these days. It's a good tool for many things -- System admin, Routine jobs, GDB extension, Quick prototypes -- are only to name a few.

Before I got into Xvisor, Linux was something that kept me busy. In fact, my daily bread work was that until a year ago before I also started to get my hands dirty in Networking (data path) size of things. Network routers are something that stretch the boundaries of the machine as does the Xvisor. So I kind of like working on both. I love my work @ office and I love Xvisor. Can't ask for more in that :)

Drop me an email at [ hschauhan at nulltrace dot org].

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